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Big Win For Democrats!

Regain Control of the

House of Representatives and take the Majority of the New York State Senate!

Nassau County Voting Results


Andrew M. CUOMO    263,019    56.50

Marc MOLINARO         193,812    41.64 

State Comptroller
Thomas P. DiNAPOLI   281,766   60.23

Jonathan TRICHTER     181,595    38.82

Attorney General
Letitia A. JAMES            257,498    55.49

Keith WOFFORD              99,104    42.91

United States Senator

Kirsten E. GILLIBRAND    273,763   58.52

Chele Chiavacci FARLEY 193,855    41.44

United States Congress
Kathleen M. RICE         149,078    61.01

Ameer N. BENNO          95,187    38.95

New York State Senate
​Kevin M. THOMAS          51,635    50.62

Kemp HANNON              50,327    49.34

Senator-Elect Kevin Thomas to Address

December 13th Meeting of

Democratic Club

The Garden City Democratic Club has a new date and location for its meetings. The Club meets on the SECOND THURSDAY of each month at the GARDEN CITY SENIOR CENTER on GOLF CLUB LANE.

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Senator-elect Kevin Thomas

In The News!

Ask not, what your  country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!

                                                       John F. Kennedy  January 20, 1961

A BIG Win for Democrats this year! We took back the House of

Representatives - now we have a check  on the Trump

Administration and we took the Majority in the New York State


Democrat Kevin Thomas defeated long time incumbent Kemp

Hannon to help propel our party into the Majority.

Senator-elect Thomas will talk about his stunning upset victory, his vision for New York and what it means to have a Democratic Majority in the State Senate.

The Meeting is December 13 at 7:30pm at our new meeting location - The Garden City Senior Center, 6 Golf Club Lane. It's located across from the Lord and Taylor parking field.

All registered Democrats are welcome to the Club meetings.