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New York State Now Has One Primary Day

Town of Hempstead Council Candidate is Guest at March 14th Meeting of Democratic Club

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Prior to 2010, the United States Congress passed what was known as the MOVE Act for Federal elections.

One of its key components required States to send absentee ballots to Military and Overseas voters at least 45 days prior to the General Election.

New York State failed to comply with that law when then did not change the normal September Primary to a date that would have satisfied the law.

Thomas Tweedy

Designating Petitions Start February 26

The United States Department of Justice sued the State of New York. Because Albany couldn't agree on when to move the Primary, a Federal judge established the last week of June for Federal Primaries. That decision would be set aside if the State Legislature set a compliant date.

Democrats agreed to the June Primary. However, the Senate Republicans wanted a date in August. Consequently, the Republicans' actions cost tax payers in Nassau County millions of dollars by forcing the Board of Elections to conduct 2 primaries every two years.

The Democratic Senate Majority has passed legislation setting the last week in June, which means Designating Petitions will start circulating on February 26.

Help will be needed with the petitions.

With the Federal indictments of Republican Edward Ambrosino, the incumbent Council member, this becomes an open seat.
Ambrosino was indicted by the Federal government allegedly for wire fraud; tax evasion; making and subscribing false corporate tax returns; failure to file return. Prosecutors contend that the Republican lawyer failed to pay more than $250,000 in taxes on income earned mainly from jobs for Nassau County.

Tom’s service to his village has been one of commitment to maintaining, improving and expanding the quality of life of his neighbors. Highlights of Tom’s active advocacy often extended beyond just the boundaries of Floral Park. Tom served as Chairman of the Third Track Task Force. In 2008, together with elected representatives from our neighboring communities along the Main Line, from Queens Village to Westbury, he forged a coalition of opposition to this massive MTA boondoogle, and then tirelessly and consistently advocated the position.

Tom has also been a strong voice in advocating for an equitable distribution of aircraft over of the skies of Western Nassau County as well. That core belief of fairness has been adopted by our neighboring communities and he can empirically demonstrate that such a distribution has been adopted by the FAA and Port Authority.

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