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GOP Chairman to Triple Dip

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Election Day. New York was among the worst 10 states for turnout in both the 2016 and 2018 elections, continuing a long trend of lower-than-average voter participation.

Lawmakers approved other bills intended to modernize the state's antiquated voting rules. One consolidates state and federal primaries into a single election in June, replacing the current, often confusing calendar of multiple primaries. Another would preregister 16- and 17-year olds when they sign up for a driving permit so they would automatically be registered when they turn 18.

They also took up proposed state constitutional amendments that, if passed and approved by voters, would allow for registration on election day and rewrite the state's absentee voting rules to allow anyone to request an absentee ballot. Currently, voters must give a reason in order to vote absentee, such as chronic illness or travel plans. Possible constitutional changes must pass the Legislature twice before going to the voters, meaning those questions could not appear on a ballot until at least 2021.

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Every current Republican Council member in the Town of Hempstead was first appointed to their position before winning an election.

The GOP controlled Town Board voted along party lines to appoint Garden City Republican Tom Muscarella to fill the seat formerly held by Ed Ambrosino, who vacated his position after pleading guilty to tax evasion earlier this month.

#TOH taxpayers deserve better.

Republican Town Councilman Ambrosino Pleads Guilty, Gets Jail

Nassau GOP Machine Thwarts Democracy and the voters by appointing Muscarella

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Early Voting and Other Measures Passed by The Legislature

​​​   Democrats

The state Senate and Assembly both approved legislation that would require counties to allow in-person voting up to 10 days before an election.

​Supporters say giving citizens more time to vote will increase turnout and reduce lines on