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New York State Now Has One Primary Day

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Prior to 2010, the United States Congress passed what was known as the MOVE Act for Federal elections.

One of its key components required States to send absentee ballots to Military and Overseas voters at least 45 days prior to the General Election.

New York State failed to comply with that law when then did not change the normal September Primary to a date that would have satisfied the law.

County Executive Laura Curran

Designating Petitions Start February 26

The United States Department of Justice sued the State of New York. Because Albany couldn't agree on when to move the Primary, a Federal judge established the last week of June for Federal Primaries. That decision would be set aside if the State Legislature set a compliant date.

Democrats agreed to the June Primary. However, the Senate Republicans wanted a date in August. Consequently, the Republicans' actions cost tax payers in Nassau County millions of dollars by forcing the Board of Elections to conduct 2 primaries every two years.

The Democratic Senate Majority has passed legislation setting the last week in June, which means Designating Petitions will start circulating on February 26.

Help will be needed with the petitions.

Garden City resident Sylvia Cabana was elected Hempstead Town Clerk on November 7, 2017. She is the first Latin woman to ever

be elected Hempstead Town Clerk.

In The News!

Ask not, what your  country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!

                                                       John F. Kennedy  January 20, 1961

During her term, Sylvia has increased the outreach effort of the Town Clerk's Office, making the services it provides available to everyone.

Included in that expansion of availability is the Clerk's Mobile Passport Program, brining the opportunity for residents to apply for passports in their neighborhoods.

As a special feature of the February meeting, those who would like to renew their wedding vows are welcome have Sylvia officiate. Celebrate your Valentine's Day with this unique opportunity.

The Meeting is February 140th at 7:30 pm at our new meeting location - The Garden City Senior Center, 6 Golf Club Lane. It's located across from the Lord and Taylor parking field.

All registered Democrats are welcome to the Club meetings.

​​​   Democrats

Hempstead Town Clerk

Sylvia Cabana to visit the

February 14th Meeting of

Democratic Club

The Garden City Democratic Club has a new date and location for its meetings. The Club meets on the SECOND THURSDAY of each month at the GARDEN CITY SENIOR CENTER on GOLF CLUB LANE.

Special Valentine's Event -
Renew or Exchange Vows