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Democratic Elections Commissioner 
is guest speaker 
at November 8th Meeting of Democratic Club

The Garden City Democratic Club has a new date and location for its meetings.

The Club meets on the SECOND THURSDAY of each month at the GARDEN CITY SENIOR CENTER on GOLF CLUB LANE.

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Hon. David J. Gugerty 

Democratic Elections Commissioner

In The News!

Ask not, what your  country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!

                                                       John F. Kennedy  January 20, 1961

Tuesday, November 6 is Election Day. Democrats will go to the polls to support Governor Cuomo, Lt. Governor Holchul, 

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and our candidate for Attorney General, Tish James.

However, there is more at stake on the ballot - at the far right side of the ballot. There you will find Congresswoman Kathleen 

Rice,  and Kevin Thomas and William Carr - our candidates for the New York State Senate and Assembly, respectively.

The New York State Senate has been under Republican rule with a slim margin. Your votes for Kevin Thomas will help Democrats take over the New York State

Senate. Together with the Democratic Majority in the Assembly, our Majority in the Senate will help the Governor fight Donald Trump's less than favorable agenda

for our state.

The Meeting is November 8 at 7:30pm at our new meeting location - The Garden City Senior Center, 6 Golf Club Lane. It's located across from the Lord and Taylor

parking field.

Commissioner Gugerty will discuss the results of this year's elections as well as what the Nassau County Board of Elections does to ensure that your vote is

your vote - protected by cyber intrusion. 

Cyber Security of our voting equipment and elections process is a most timely topic, especially in light of all the 
allegations of Russian hacking and tampering of our Presidential Elections.

The November meeting of the Garden City Democratic Club should prove to be a lively and spirited one given its 

All registered Democrats are welcome to the Club meetings.